TitleAttachment url not compatable with relative links
Date02-Jul-2005 10:34:19 EEST
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The current JSPWiki attachment URL has been changed. An attachment URL is now

   <your wiki path>/attach/<pagename>/<attachment-name>
While the wiki page is still at
   <your wiki path>/Wiki.jsp?page=<pagename>

This implies that; if the attachement contains relative href links to other wiki pages (I am using the VisioPlugin with some clickable shapes] they are pointing in the empty cyberspace

   <your wiki path>/attach/<pagename>/<your-relative-link>

Any suggestion ?

Yeah, well, since all URLs are now configurable through the URLConstructor classes, you will end up dead anyway if you rely on any specific URL format. I don't have a good suggestion right now, except that I would recommend not to rely on relative links... Perhaps a ServletFilter that would rewrite the URLs?

-- JanneJalkanen

Should be resolved now in current CVS, this was just left behind.

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