|Title|Brushed Template ExtraVanilla puts LeftMenu at Bottom-Right of IE Browser
|Date|13-Sep-2006 23:51:50 EEST
|Version|JSPWiki v2.4.15-beta 
|[Bug criticality]|CosmeticBug
|Browser version|IE 6.0
|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|
|Operating System|AIX
|URL|Any page when using ExtraVanilla skin.
|Java version|

Any skin that puts the LeftMenu on the right side of the screen also puts the top of the LeftMenu at the very bottom of the screen....no idea why.


Yeah.. I been having the same problem since 2.2x  Any fix would be appreciated.

--felix, 14-Sep-2006


I've actually found that this only happens at certain resolutions.  I typically like my resolution high since lower ones don't give me much space on the screen.  1024 x 768 looks great...but everything is too big.  When I change to 1280 x 1024, the menu shoots straight to the bottom.  This is definitely something in IE only since everything looks great in Firefox.  (If only I was allowed to change the corporate standard browser at my company...)

--Chris, 14-Sep-2006

;:I think this should be easily fixable. I assume you are using ExtraVanilla skin or Qute skin since these are using the leftmenu at the right. If you take the /skins/ExtraVanilla/skin.css file and reduce the #page width from the actual 80% to, lets say 79%; probably things should work out fine. Eventually you can further reduce the settting to 78% or lower. Give it a try a let us know which value is ok.--[DF|DirkFrederickx]


Changing it to 79% worked great.  Thanks again!!! 

--Chris, 19-Sep-2006