|Title|class org.wikiwizard.FlashSplash not found
|Date|22-Sep-2006 10:48:34 EEST
|[Bug criticality]|MediumBug
|Browser version|IE
|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|Tomcat 4.1
|Operating System|XP
|URL|Edit Page -> Change Editor
|Java version|1.4.2_08

After try to change the editor in "edit page" i get no applet.
Error in IE: class org.wikiwizard.FlashSplash not found 


Please upgrade to 2.4.56.



-- JanneJalkanen


Getting this bug again in 2.6.1, jdk 1.5.0_12.

--AnonymousCoward, 14-Mar-2008


it's AnonymousCoward again - the IE version I used is IE6 - forgot to mention it above.

--JayaramV, 14-Mar-2008

I'm getting the same bug on the lastest release. Any idea how to solve this?


Applets Tag is like this..

<applet ...  archive="applets/wikiwizard.jar" code="org.wikiwizard.FlashSplash" id="WikiWizard">

So, I just __copied a file '/WEB-INF/wikiwizard.jar' to '/applets' folder.__ \\
In my case, It works. Good Luck~

-- Lei, 29-Jan-2010