|Title|Copied pages do not index unless edited
|Date|24-Nov-2006 18:17:54 EET
|Version|2.4.71, 2.2.27
|[Bug criticality]|MediumBug
|Browser version|iE 6.0
|[Bug status]|NewBug
|[PageProvider] used|???
|Servlet Container|Tomcat 5.5
|Operating System|WinXP
|URL|(intranet -- no external link available)
|Java version|1.5

I've installed a fresh copy of 2.4.71 and set the install variables so they point reasonable and logical places.  The new wiki opens just fine, and naviogates just fine.  However, none of the pages that I copied into position can be searched.  If I edit them, they will show up, but I REALLY don't want to edit each page as a workaround.

I suspect Lucene, from what few pages I was able to glean information about this.

How can I re-scan pages so the wiki can search again?

Karl Hansen

-- I shut down the web server, deleted [[wikiname]/tmp/lucene, copied [[wikiname]/tmp/lucene from the old wiki to the new wiki, restarted the web server, and searching now works.  How can I reset lucene without copying?

Karl Hansen


If you modify the repository outside JSPWiki, the only way to force a reindex is to delete $workdir/lucene.

-- JanneJalkanen