|Title|Cvs version not compatible with JDK 1.4
|Date|18-Nov-2004 22:32:18 EET
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|
|Browser version|
|Java version|1.3

This is perhaps not really a bug but WikiEngine.java calls a method in 'EncodeName' that is only Java 1.4 compliant: \\
return java.net.URLEncoder.encode( pagename, "ISO-8859-1" );\\
If you are still running 1.3 you have to change this back to \\
return java.net.URLEncoder.encode( pagename);.


2.2 will be JDK 1.4 only - the encode problem is a serious one (it prevents you from moving from OSX to Windows, for example).

-- JanneJalkanen

Does it work with JDK 1.5? I updated from JDK 1.4, where it used to work fine, and now i am getting an - HTTP Status 500 - Exception report.\\
Running JSPWiki is: v 2.2.27 with Tomcat 5.5.9.\\


Answering my own question: I searched this wiki a bit more and read from other's experiences of running jspwiki with jdk 1.5. I am still having the same error, but I now know that updating jdk 1.4 to jdk1 1.5 is not the causer of the exception report i am getting!! so I'll keep trying \\