|Title|Empty Anchors generated by ContextualDiffProvider
|Date|01-Nov-2005 12:36:09 EET
|[Bug criticality]|LightBug
|Browser version|Safari, IE
|[Bug status]|NewBug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|tomcat
|Operating System|OS-X, WIN
|Java version|

An empty <a name="pipo" /> seems to cause havoc on ie and safari browsers,
when manipulating a DOM tree through javascript. (e.g. as done in [BrushedTemplateTabbedSections])

These empty <a /> are generated by the "ContextualDiffProvider".
It cause a Diff.jsp in the [BrushedTemplate] not to function properly.

The issue is solved when generating <a name="change-1"></a>.

In ContextualDiffProvider.java, change
  private String m_anchorPostIndex   = "\" />";
  private String m_anchorPostIndex   = "\" ><a/>";

See also [BugEmptyMarkupDoesntWorkForBoldAndItalic]

-- DirkFrederickx

Like JanneJalkanen says in [BugEmptyMarkupDoesntWorkForBoldAndItalic]:

;:C.3. Element Minimization and Empty Element Content

;:Given an empty instance of an element whose content model is not EMPTY (for example, an empty title or paragraph) do not use the minimized form (e.g. use <p> </p> and not <p />).

I confirm a similar problem with the default template, the ContextualDiffProvider, Firefox and IE. The fix above is easy to implement. Could it be corrected in CVS for a future build? Thanks.

-- GeorgesZ