TitleError when deploying under Geronimo1.2beta or Geronimo 2.0M5 with JDK5.0 under OSX
Date24-May-2007 13:00:31 EEST
Bug criticalityBadBug
Browser versionFirefox, Safari
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider used
Servlet ContainerGeronimo/Tomcat
Operating SystemOSX 10.4.9 Intel
Java version1.5

When deploying JSPWiki WAR in Geronimo/Tomcat using the console function deploy new application or the deployer tool the whole server crashes without any error message. The same deployment under Tomcat 6.0.13 works without problem. The crash

The error was documented in the Geronimo forums and other users posted information they had similar errors. See

post reference

I hope it helps to locate the error. I am not sure if it is a Geronimo or a JSP problem.


Marcel Baumann

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