TitleExcluding wikipages from RSS feed
Date21-Nov-2006 01:43:00 EET
Bug criticalityEnhancementRequest
Browser versionFirefox
Bug statusNewBug
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Servlet ContainerTomcat 5.5.20
Operating SystemLinux RHEL 4
URL(RSS feed)
Java version1.5.0_06

Is there a way to exclude wikipages from the RSS feed? Such as permission-restricted pages (like pages that have permissions set to allow only a subset of people to access)?

We'd love to see that as well, both to allow us to restrict access to pages with restricted access (;O) and to prevent the feed from noting auto-generated pages.

Something like the following change to RSSGenerator would do the trick, though an additional check for secured pages would also be nice:

    protected String generateFullWikiRSS( WikiContext wikiContext, Feed feed )
        feed.setChannelTitle( m_engine.getApplicationName() );
        feed.setFeedURL( m_engine.getBaseURL() );
        feed.setChannelLanguage( m_channelLanguage );
        feed.setChannelDescription( m_channelDescription );

        Collection changed = m_engine.getRecentChanges();

// get the pages users have explicitly excluded from the feed
        Collection dontFeed = m_engine.getReferenceManager().findRefersTo("ExcludeFromRSSFeed");
        int items = 0;
        for( Iterator i = changed.iterator(); i.hasNext() && items < 15; items++ )
            WikiPage page = (WikiPage) i.next();

// ...and exclude them            
            if (dontFeed.contains(page.getName()))

--JerryAndrews, 13-Aug-2007

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