TitleFail on creating "Korean or Chinese" wiki title
Date12-Jul-2006 06:34:16 EEST
Bug criticalityLightBug
Browser versionMozilla FireFox
Bug statusNotReallyBug
PageProvider used
Servlet ContainerTomcat 5.0.28
Operating SystemWindows 2003
Java versionj2se 1.4.6

Microsoft Internet Explorer... -> http://jspwiki.org/wiki/한국어

But, Mozilla Firefox... -> http://jspwiki.org/wiki/%C7%D1%B1%B9%BE%EE


'한글' urlEncoding - > '%ED%8E%98%EC%9D%B4%EC%A7%80'...

but, wiki title -> 'ÍÌÌ'

Please see the resolution in BugProblemsWithGermanUmlaute, or TomcatAndUTF8!

-- JanneJalkanen

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