TitleFootnote Links In Conjunction With Insert Page Plugin
Date02-Sep-2005 04:08:54 EEST
Bug criticalityLightBug
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Bug statusClosedBug
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Servlet Container
Operating System
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So you have a page like Bug Footnote Links In Conjunction With Insert Page Plugin Example whose first section gets inserted here.

This is an footnote test[1]. The first section of this page is inserted into Bug Footnote Links In Conjunction With Insert Page Plugin.

Click the footnote link, it don't go nowhere do it?

See the footnote link? It's to a footnote in a different section of the inserted page. Click it, don't take ya there do it?

Very light bug, maybe fixable though, haven't thought about it, figured I record it. --JohnV

It's a bit nasty... It would require our rendering engine to be smart enough to check whether a reference exists when included, and then create the footnote link according to which sections are included and which are not (if included, then have a normal id anchor; if not, then make a full href to it). May require quite a lot of tweaking...

-- JanneJalkanen

Oh! You were thinking of making the footnotes actually work on the including page! I was figuring the footnote target would just be emitted as an absolute link to the original page & target (So by following a footnote from an inserted section tou'd be taken to the inserted page & footnote target. That be any easier? Any detriments? --JohnV

Very old bug, anonymous reporter, not all fields filled in, no reactions on suggestions from people who try to help ==> bug closed (feel free to re-open if needed)


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