|Title|FormOutput Plugin Does Not Pass Body Parameter To Handler
|Date|04-Jan-2005 14:47:30 EET

I was putting together a NewPageHandler so a WikiForm could be used to gather general information and then create a new page prepopulated with it.  I wanted to pass the new page template text as the {{_body}} parameter to my NewPageHandler; to allow for maximum flexibility I wanted to specify the new page template text as the body of the FormOutput plugin.  Like so...

[{FormOuput form='newTaskForm' handler='NewPageHandler'


[TASK] [$(priority)]


Where $() gets replaced by submitted form data.  The FormOutput plugin does not pass its {{_body}} parameter on to the handler.

Simple enough to fix, I patched mine, but want to see this in the distro. 

Just after line 104
        //Pass the _body parameter from FormOutput on to the handler...
        info.getSubmission().put(PluginManager.PARAM_BODY , params.get(PluginManager.PARAM_BODY)); 


The NewPageHandler could be considered a general purpose replacement for the BugReportHandler.



Fixed in 2.1.132.  Good catch. --JanneJalkanen