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Titlefunction "attach file" is missing after updating 2.4.15
Date13-Jul-2006 14:57:39 EEST
Bug criticalityCriticalBug
Browser versionmozilla
Bug statusNewBug
PageProvider usedjspwiki.basicAttachmentProvider.storageDir = /p/web/www-data/jspwiki/
Servlet Containertomcat 5.5
Operating SystemWin 2000
_cmdlineform='reportform' status='NewBug' title= map='container=Servlet Container;java_version=Java version;pageprovider=PageProvider used;criticality=Bug criticality;x;status=Bug status;browser_version=Browser version;url=URL;os=Operating System'
Java version1.42

We worked with the release 2.2 and all was fine with the file attachment. Now the version 2.4.15 is installed and we lost all attached files and we are missing the function "attach files".

The web.xml file seems to be correct.

What's wrong?

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