TitleHTML code not protected when filing a bug.
Date31-Mar-2005 18:02:56 EEST
Bug criticalityLightBug
Browser version
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider used
Servlet Container
Operating System
Java version

Just filed a bug where I trying to describe that I'm a bit unhappy with JSPWiki's HTML engine. Here's the bug:


I'm quite sure that you don't get the message because my freefrom text has been interpreted as JSPWiki input and not taken as it is. IMHO you should either clearly mention what kind of input you expect or let the user choose.

I'm giving up now..

Oh, it's always WikiMarkup. You should put it any sample code between triple {-signs.

Besides, even the SubmitBugReport -form is a WikiPage, so you could've just added a small note yourself...

-- JanneJalkanen

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