TitleHow to reset user password?
Date03-Jan-2007 18:56:16 EET
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StupidQuestion: How to reset a user's password?#

I administer a JSPWiki for my students. Occaisionally, one of them forgets her or his password. The "reset password" link doesn't seem to work---it gives a message "Internal Error: Contact the site administrator, please." Well, that would be me, and I haven't a clue what to do.

Can anyone help?

Some stupid work arounds I've used:

  1. Creating a new user with a known password, and copying and pasting the encrypted password in the userdatabase.xml
  2. Just having the student create a whole new user account with a known password, and abandoning the old account.

I'd like to have a more intelligent work around!

Ok, I think I've figured it out... what I needed to do was:

  • download, and add the JAR file for the Java Activation Framework into my classpath
  • download, and add the JAR file for the JavaMail API into my classpath
  • configure the SMTP host in my jspwiki.properties file
  • restart the JSPWiki webapp

Now the password resetting facility is working fine.

Still, I think it would be good for there to be an "administrative" way to reset passwords, in case a JSPWiki is running in an environment where sending email is not supported.

Since this isn't a bug, the status has been changed accordingly.

As a side note, a related topic to this is IdeaAdminCreatesUserProfiles.

--David Au, 20-Mar-2007

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