TitleHtml Char Entities Mishandled in Preview
Date07-Oct-2005 11:23:29 EEST
Bug criticalityMediumBug
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Some (but not all) html entities are treated unchanged when editing and saving pages normally. However, when going to page preview and saving from there, the enties have been resolved. This problem can silently destroy certain kinds of information, especially when talking about character entities itself. For example, to talk about the entity u-umlaut, it is necessary to write it as & amp;uuml;, else simply the ΓΌ is shown. This is distroyed if the &-entity has been exchanged during a preview-save sequence.

Entities affected (a blank is always added after the & to avoid this bug occuring here): & nbsp; & amp & quot; & lt; & gt;

Here are the same entities for testing running them through preview-save sequence:   &amp " < >

My suspicion (without being able to check the code): At some point, preview attempted to use hidden html input fields to transfer content. In these fields, at least the quotes had to be escaped into entities, since input transports the text in attribute content. Presumably, a general encoding/decoding method is applied. Since in current 2.2 templates a hidden textarea is used, encoding/decoding should no longer be necessary.

-- Gregor Hagedorn -- 2005-10-07

Should be fixed with 2.3.43.

Nok in 2.3.44. : go to preview and back to edit, and you'll notice that entities are replaced. --DF

Arg. Hopefully fixed in 2.3.45. I refactored quite a lot of how editors work because of this... :-)

-- JanneJalkanen

Closing this bug; it seems to be quite gone in the latest CVS versions.

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