TitleImagePlugin that displays thumbnail image increases page width
Date16-Apr-2005 20:47:26 EEST
Bug criticalityLightBug
Browser versionInternet Explorer 6.0.28
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider usedRCSFileProvider
Servlet Container
Operating SystemWindows 2000
Java version1.4.2

An ImagePlugin that displays a thumbnail of a large image increases the page width, causing the browser to clip the page and display scroll bars. This should not happen because the thumbnail is much smaller than the original image. However, despite its smaller size, it seems that the browser reserves the full image width for the thumbnail image.

To observe this phenomenon, compare this page that contains an image with another page that does not contain an image. If you shrink your browser window you'll notice that in the case of the page with the image, the browser clips the page and displays horizontal scrollbars, while in the case of the page without the image, the browser wraps the page so that it fits within the window.

Is this a browser problem or a JSPWiki problem? --DerekMahar

Couldn't duplicate this on 2004-01-29 using Firebird 0.7. Maybe a browser issue? --ebu

This looks like a very old one, provided links above are dead, closing the bug.


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