TitleInline Image Recognition fails with InterWiki links
Date11-Nov-2005 13:56:49 EET
Bug criticalityMediumBug
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Servlet Container
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Normally JSPWiki will recognize certain links (as defined by patterns in the Wiki property files) to be displayed as an inlined image instead of as a link.

However, this seems to fail when the link is an interwiki link.

Since interwiki links are the only method to make local links independent of the current server name, this is a serious issue for us. We have a local resource management program with a servlet providing the images. Our desire is that it should be

a) simple to reuse images in wiki pages

b) make the wiki content data portable, i.e. they should survive reorganizations.

Both goals are not possible when forcing to use the long full url to images, rather than encapsulating it in a short interwiki definition.

A special case of the latter is that we work with development and deployment servers, having different names and IPs.

Can you fix that?

Gregor Hagedorn

Hi Gregor. Just an idea: did you add the interwiki url to jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern like this ? --DF
jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.3 = http://images.com/* <your interwiki url here>

Yes, I tried that as well. It would make at least the data portable, although yet another place would have to be edited when moving from development to deployment server. However, I tried even simpler. We have an interwiki definition:


for local links. Even with the standard inline pattern

jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.1 = *.jpg

a link like [local:img/test.jpg] will display as a link rather than an inline image.


PS: I just detected that this is the same bug as BugInlineImagesAsInterWikiLinksDontInline reported in April 2005

I'm not quite sure what to do with this one. Any ideas?

-- JanneJalkanen

Well, BugInlineImagesAsInterWikiLinksDontInline has been closed (solved in 2.4.39), so closing this one too.


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