TitleInline images case sensitive
Date04-Jul-2005 16:39:12 EEST
Bug criticalityLightBug
Browser versionIE
Bug statusClosedBug
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Servlet Containertomcat
Operating SystemLinux
Java version1.4

When pattern is *.jpg/*.png, attachments saved with uppercase extension like .JPG are not recognized. One would expect this would be case-insensitive

jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.1 = *.jpg


This is a property of the regexps...

Yes it is, but can't this be easily solved by changing line 660 in JSPWikiMarkupParser to include on .toLowerCase() :

                if( m_inlineMatcher.matches( link.toLowerCase(), (Pattern) i.next() ) )

I'm not sure if the same change is necessary for TranslatorReader.

And offcourse some explaining documentation in jspwiki.properties.

--HarryMetske, 04-Mar-2007

Fixed in 2.5.32. Thanks!

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Mar-2007

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