|Title|Inline Usage Of Three Brace Escaping Broken
|Date|29-Aug-2005 15:21:52 EEST
|[Bug criticality]|MediumBug
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|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|JDBC
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When using three braces as designed either a pre element or a inline span is rendered. However, the html generated is broken and causes undesired line breaks.

Using triple brace starting not on first line is rendered as span, but the paragraph __before__ this is closed before placing the span directly inside the 
parent (e.g. body) element.

Minor issue 2: Using a triple brace starting on first line renders a pre tag, but and text after the closing braces is placed outside any html tag.

Minor issue 3: Note in the example below the consistent use of tt for two braces, but span with CSS for three braces - inline usage. I would think it more logical to use the html:tt element for inline-three-braces as well, and define the CSS in the style for tt. That way only one place has to be fixed or changed to modify the code-format.



!Three braces: 

{{{monospaced on first line}}} text continued after.

Text before {{{monospaced not on first line}}} text continued after.

!Two braces work as expected in both situations:

{{monospaced on first line}} text continued after.

Text before {{monospaced not on first line}} text continued after.

 -- Gregor Hagedorn - 2005-08-29

Three braces is meant to provide escape of any wiki markup translation.  The fact that it happens to be rendered by default in monospace is accidental...

This is fixed in 2.3. CVS new rendering engine.

-- JanneJalkanen.