TitleInserting Space In WikiName Breaks Links
Date18-Nov-2004 02:33:27 EET
Versionv2.0.52 (modified, see below.)
PageProvider usedVersioningFileProvider
Servlet ContainerTomcat 4.1.30
Browser versionIE 6.0
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We had a page called "Salesand Marketing", and the wiki created a file "SalesandMarketing.txt". Realising the error, the link was renamed to "Sales and Marketing", which the wiki translates to "SalesAndMarketing.txt", with a capital "A". However, due to the windows file system being only semi case sensitive, the file remained as "SalesandMarketing.txt". Thus our link to "Sales and Marketing" remained with a "?". But if you click on the "?", the edit comes up with the actual existing content. Click save and the page comes up, and the link to it now works until a restart. When a search for "sales" was done, a link for "Salesand Marketing" was returned. I deleted the file "SalesandMarketing.txt", and recreated the page. Now the search returns links to both "Salesand Marketing" and "Sales and Marketing", and both links point to the same page.

NB: Modifications to the wiki are:

  • Presentation now uses 3 frames, a top frame, a scrollable left menu frame, and a scrollable content frame.
  • Added delete page functionality.


Hmm... That's more or less a problem with the Windows file system than JSPWiki. However, you should be set if you just restart JSPWiki or the servlet container; 2.0 does not cache the search information the same way as 2.1.

-- JanneJalkanen, 18-Nov-2004

I saw this change from Closed to Open so I though I'd test it on a windows system. What I found is:

  • [SalesandMarketing] links to SalesandMarketing.txt
  • [SalesAndMarketing] links to SalesAndMarketing.txt
  • [Sales and Marketing] links to SalesAndMarketing.txt
  • [Sales And Marketing] links to SalesAndMarketing.txt

When I tried to make a file with a space in the title by force edit:

   Edit.jsp?page=Sales and Marketing
It created a file called ~Sales+and+Marketing.txt

It looks like the better choice would have been to rename the file SalesAndMarketing.txt, it gets found by more links.

I marked it ClosedBug again -- Foster Schucker, 1-Jan-2005

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