TitleInstall.jsp deletes password if "New Password" is left empty and displays jspwiki.properties
Date13-Dec-2005 19:33:25 EET
containerSAP J2EE / any JavaContainer
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1) If you set a password for saving the properties from Install.jsp in jspwiki.properties it is stored correctly. The next time you can use it to modify the properties through Install.jsp - if then, you just use the password, but don't set it again in the NewPassword-fields, the properties are saved, but the password is "emptied" -> the third time calling Install.jsp, a blank password can be used to save the settings.

I've fixed it on line 194 by adding ' && !password1.equals("")':

if( password1 != null && !password1.equals(""))
    propertyString = setProperty( propertyString, PROP_MASTERPWD, password1 );
    oldpassword = password1;

2) When calling Install.jsp after the first configuration on any client, it prints out jspwiki.properties. This is not nice, because it also prints the password at the bottom -> anybody could find/use it to modify settings.

I've fixed it by commenting out the output-block:

    <% if(propertyResult != null) {%>
    <hr />
    <h3>Here is your new jspwiki.properties</h3>

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