|Title|Installation does not set up permissions
|Date|01-Jan-2006 18:13:35 EET
|container|Apache Tomcat/5.5.4
|browser_version|Firefox 1.5
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I installed the war file as shown in "Really simple installation". I already have a 2.2.33 installation on the same server. When starting it I get:

JSPWiki has detected an error
Error Message
    Hmm. You don't have permission to view the page you asked for. Check your security policy to see if it is too restrictive. JSPWiki might also be having a problem verifying JAR signatures; check that your jspwiki.jks is in the same directory as the jspwiki.policy file, and that the JAR is, in fact, signed. 
Place where detected
    org.apache.jsp.Wiki_jsp._jspService(), line 130 

There's no jspwiki.jks file there and I don't know where to get it from.

I activated jspwiki.admin.user in jspwiki.properties, set a password and reloaded. When trying to login from Login.jsp I get "Not a valid login". userdatabase.xml is empty.

Can we close this? 2.4-stable has a series of changes in the {{Install.jsp}} that solve this problem. --Andrew Jaquith


I think we can.

-- JanneJalkanen