TitleJSPWiki randomly adds new </p><p> tags to a page reloaded several times
Date11-Jan-2005 00:30:24 EET
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Sometimes, while reloading the same page several times, the HTML generated by JSPWiki is different. </p><p> are inserted randomly, changing the overall layout of the page Any page can make that problem to happen. You can check for instance the sandbox with an empty page. Reload several times, and now and then the layout will change. This makes JSPWiki quite unusable for precise layout, and will make the output of XHTML completely impossible. My guess is that is due to some non deterministic processing in TranslatorReader.java, most likely in the fillbuffer method.

-- PhilippeO

Hum. My hope is that this is gone in 2.1. At least I have not seen it. Can you provide me with a test case?

-- JanneJalkanen Pesky bug...

The rendering default of IE may cause you not to see it it. Use Mozilla for a change, a modern browser (;-). IE default style sheet for <p> does not have a standard padding/margin. and therefore empty paragraph display differently or may not show up.

Here it a test case that works sometimes for me: Go to jspwiki using this url : http://www.jspwiki.org/ Click on sandbox no the left menu. save the page. Click again. save the page again, and make a diff. Try reload, try click again on Main then SandBox. Try reload.

At least I have saved p1.htm and p2.htm and attached them below. You can make a diff on it.


I actually *do* use Mozilla - I don't even use Windows on a regular scale. I'll check this - it should not be happening. Oh yeah, BTW, it does not make XHTML output impossible. <p> is not defined as EMPTY in XHTML, and as per XML spec, in those cases both <p></p> and <p/> are allowed.

-- JanneJalkanen

Janne, my point about XHTML is that if random closing/opening tags are appened, this may break the document's well-formedness, if this is not strictly within an existing opened <p> tag.

-- PhilippeO

Anyone can break well-formedness: thisisnot_ wellformed. The entire parsing would need to be changed to do that.

-- JanneJalkanen

Closing this for now; the paragraph generation was completely changed in 2.1.140, so it is unlikely to occur anymore.

-- JanneJalkanen

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