TitleJSPWiki-samplepages.zip should include more files.
Date18-Jan-2005 17:39:19 EET
Version2.1.134 -alpha
Bug criticalityJSPWiki:MediumBug
Browser versionn/a
Bug statusNotABug
PageProvider usedn/a
Servlet Containern/a
Operating Systemn/a
Java versionn/a

I'm trying to setup a default set of instructions to setup my own environments. I installed the JSPWiki release from the web. I use the JSPWiki-samplepages.zip file to populate my initial set of jspwiki-files and its missing a lot of critical files that should be there when you start up. Basically, when you do the install, even the application thinks that the wiki files are only half there.... When I try to edit the main page, at the bottom, it says: "Ho hum, it seems that the EditPageHelp? page is missing."

Please add these files to JSPWiki-samplepages.zip:

EditPageHelp.txt TextFormattingRules.txt System.txt (and others... - more to come.)

Should I be getting these files from some other location (on the jspwiki site?)

...but they *are* in the JSPWiki-samplepages.zip. At least on my copy they are...

-- JanneJalkanen

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