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Date26-Jun-2007 17:40:19 EEST
Bug criticalityLightBug
Browser versionCamino
Bug statusNewBug
PageProvider used
Servlet ContainerTomcat 5.5
Operating SystemUbuntu
Java version1.6.0_01

Using default configuration (no policy file specified) I get this file-not-found warning:

'/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF/lib/file:/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF/jspwiki.policy' does not seem to exist.

Well, this true. But /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF/jspwiki.policy exists. Maybe only the logging is incorrect.

2007-06-26 14:26:50,209 http-8180-Processor25 WARN com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.PolicyLoader - You have set your '' to point at '/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF/lib/file:/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF/jspwiki.policy', but that file does not seem to exist. I'll continue anyway, since this may be something specific to your servlet container. Just consider yourself warned. 2007-06-26 14:26:50,210 http-8180-Processor25 WARN com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.PolicyLoader - I could not locate the JSPWiki keystore ('jspwiki.jks') in the same directory as your jspwiki.policy file. On many servlet containers, such as Tomcat, this needs to be done. If you keep having access right permissions, please try copying your WEB-INF/jspwiki.jks to /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF/lib/file:/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF

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