Titlejspwiki.properties not read correctly
Date04-Jul-2005 13:18:16 EEST
Bug criticalityJSPWiki:BadBug
Browser versionIE, Firefox
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider usedFileSystem
Servlet ContainerTomcat 5.5.7
Operating SystemSuSe Linux 9.1
Java version1.5


it looks like some information in the jspwiki.properties file are not processed correctly.

The properties jspwiki.applicationName and jspwiki.frontPage work fine, after a restart I can see the new appliation name and the changed front page.

Other properties work only partial; they are correctly shown on the System page via the wiki variables, but the wiki jsps are not using the infos correctly. This are for example:

  • jspwiki.translatorReader.allowHTML: The variable shows true, but html is printed "as is".
  • jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces: The variable shows true, but the titles have no spaces.
  • jspwiki.templateDir: It is always the default template that is used. Other templates work only if I rename there directory to default.

Best Regards, alex

This is quite strange. Could you set your log level to DEBUG and dig a bit further? At least they seem to work nicely for me. BTW, please make sure you don't add any extra spaces after the values - that might confuse the Java property parser.

-- JanneJalkanen

August 7 2005
I was suffering from the same problem after upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.2.28, however, it seemed to happen only with jspwiki.translatorReader.allowHTML.

Since I could not find anything suspect after a few trials, I deleted the line in the jspwiki.properties file and re-typed it as is, then restarted my web engine. As silly as it may sound, it did the job. I may be wrong but it might be related to the file encoding (at install time) but since the system info page shows the right value, the only think I can think of is the initial caching of pages (I use the default one).

Here's the steps I did that may help reproduce:

  • Installed JSPWiki 2.2.28 on a Tomcat 5 (Linux) as a WAR file.
  • Ran Install.jsp and pointed the repository to my existing JSPWiki files.
  • Tried it. Noticed allowHTML was off.
  • Edited the jspwiki.properties, turned allowHTML to true. Restarted the server.
  • HTML on page still shows as is, and the option seems to be ignored.
  • Changed the value a few times, got rid of spaces, restarted. No result.
  • Deleted the line in the property file, re-typed it. Restarted the server.
  • Problem gone.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Denis

I have a nagging suspicion that this had something to do with the properties having spaces in them. Should be fixed in current 2.3 series.

-- JanneJalkanen

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