TitleLarge Text Formatted Tables Cause Page Not to Display
Date11-Jan-2005 00:28:54 EET
VersionJSPWiki v2.1.86-alpha
Browser versionMozilla
PageProvider usedFileSystemProvider
Servlet ContainerTomcat 5.0.18
Operating SystemWindowsNT
Java version1.4.1

When a table is built using the built-in table format:

| blah | blah |

And that table goes to 40 rows with lots of text and about 8 columns, then the entire contents of the page are not displayed, including

the edit links. When i move part of the table out to another page the page displays fine again. Breaking up the table on the same page into multiple parts does not help.

(Moved from BugReports)

Closed. Not confirmed.

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