|Date|05-Jan-2006 14:47:01 EET
|[Bug criticality]|BadBug
|Browser version|
|[Bug status]|OpenBug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|Apache Tomcat 5.5.12
|Operating System|
|Java version|

I take a plain JSPWiki (maybe from CVS) and deploy it. I hit the URL, want to open the JSPWiki, a login field appears. I have no login, want to create a new login and click on the "Set up a user profile" - Link, the same page appears, asking me to login. 

This becomes a never ending circle ...

You can see it also here on the page, just click in the LeftMenu on the link UserPreferences.


Hmmm.... This seems to be something brought between the last alpha and CVS.  Andrew?

-- JanneJalkanen