Titlelogin failed when JNDI resource idle timeout
Date16-May-2007 16:47:22 EEST
Bug criticalityCriticalBug
Browser versionFireFox
Bug statusNewBug
PageProvider usedcom.forthgo.jspwiki.jdbcprovider.JDBCPageProvider
Servlet ContainerGlassfish
Operating SystemLinux (debian) 2.6.8-3-686
Java version1.5.0_11

Good day. I have some trouble with Custom auth-tion. I do not use container-based auth-tion at all. So, I have

jspwiki.userdatabase = com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.user.JDBCUserDatabase jspwiki.userdatabase.datasource=jdbc/jspwiki

for my purpose.

When I restart Glassfish, my authentication works fine, but when mysql (v.5.0.32) connections are expired because of timeout, then auth-ion do not work.

I've made tcpdump and there I can see, that in first case, wiki send 2 sql-queries: select tra-ta-ta from WIKI_PAGES select tra-ta-ta from users

in second case: wiki send only 1 query: select tra-ta-ta from WIKI_PAGES

This sounds like a bug, for sure. This issue should be fixed in the most recent 2.5.x builds -- I changed the way we manage database connections so that we don't nail up a "permanent" connection like we do in 2.4.

2.5 isn't stable just yet, but it is getting close. In the meantime, we should probably consider back-porting the 2.5 fixes to JDBCUserDatabase and JDBCGroupDatabase.

--Andrew Jaquith, 19-May-2007

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