|Title| Lucence Search Is Incomplete
|Date|07-Jan-2005 19:05:24 |Version|2.1.127+

I find it odd that a search on this Wiki for {{Janne}} does not return the page {{JanneJalkanen}}, nor does a search for {{Janne*}} return it.  Are titles not searched or indexed?

{{jspwiki.useLucene}} = [{$jspwiki.useLucene}]
Okay so lucene is not used here?  Okay, so the default search is broke?

On my wiki lucene searching works but in practice it has has limitations.  Ideally Lucene search would allow the full [syntax|http://jakarta.apache.org/lucene/docs/queryparsersyntax.html] to be used; and that doesn't seem to work right.

Looking at the code for it I see why it doesn't...  I'd take a wack at this but the search code is tangled up in the CachingProvider right now.  Any intention to refactor this?


The indexer we use only stops at stopwords.  It should be changed, yes, because otherwise languages such as Finnish cannot be searched properly (Finnish uses compound words a lot, and we change the body of the word to signify things like "to", "without", etc.)

It's probably a very small change somewhere, but I haven't yet looked at the code.  I don't know Lucene that much...

This site *does* use Lucene, but you can't use the {{jspwiki.useLucene}}-variable because of a secondary bug (if it's not set in the jspwiki.properties, but uses the default, the variable does not exist).

-- JanneJalkanen


Should work now in 2.2.25.