|Title|Lucene Query Syntax Errors Not Catched
|Date|16-Nov-2005 21:14:15 EET
|[Bug criticality]|LightBug
|Browser version|Safari
|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|
|Operating System|
|Java version|

If you enter an invalid Lucene Query in the Find Page, you get an JSP error, leaving the syntax error uncaught.
E.g. try this:

The {{]}} character is a special Lucene character -- which is not properly caught.

BTW: this works ok on v2.2.x 



Works for me on 2.3.44.  Can you try some other things or debug a bit more?

-- JanneJalkanen

;:Yep, indeed. Seems I was still working with an older 2.3.x version. Sorry! --[DF|DirkFrederickx]