TitleLuceneSearchProvider not read jspwiki.lucene.analyzer from configuration
Date04-Feb-2006 07:09:07 EET
Bug criticalityBadBug
Browser version
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider used
Servlet ContainerTomcat 5.0
Operating SystemWindows XP
Java version1.4

Hi, I am just a Thai people. I need to create custom Thai Analyzer for parse Thai word correctly.

I set a value for jspwiki.lucene.analyzer inside jspwiki.properties, then I found that JSPWiki still use StandardAnalyzer not the value I had set.

I found from v2.3.72 source code that it's initialize not read PROP_LUCENE_ANALYZER from props.

Please revise the cause and fix it.

Thanks you, Ekkasit Takoungsakdakul


Fixed in 2.4.57. Thanks!

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