TitleMissing variable declaration in Comment.jsp
Date14-Oct-2006 01:04:27 EEST
Bug criticalityClosedBug
Browser versionIE6, Firefox
Bug statusDuplicateBug
PageProvider used
Servlet ContainerTomcat 5
Operating System
Java version1.4.x

Comment.jsp doesn't compile. It is missing a declarion for the variable "changenote".

I added "String changenote = null;" to the other String declarations at the top of the page and it works fine now.

Yep, I also reported this problem.

--HarryMetske, 15-Oct-2006

Duplicates Bug An Error Occurred At Line 23 In The Jsp File Comment.jsp Generated Servlet Error Comment.jsp Cannot Be Compiled Changenote Cannot Be Resolved.

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