Date29-Dec-2005 09:16:20 EET
SubmitterDirk Frederickx
Bug criticalityLightBug
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Servlet Container
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Small bug in UserPreferences.jsp causes an inactive active tab ;-) Reason: the css-class for the active tab is "activetab", not "activeTab". (case sensitive)

The JSP should look like this:

  if ( "profile".equals( tab ) )
    prefsVisible   = "display:none;";
    prefsClass     = "inactiveTab";
    profileVisible = "display:block;";
    profileClass   = "activetab";
    prefsVisible   = "display:block;";
    prefsClass     = "activetab";
    profileVisible = "display:none;";
    profileClass   = "inactiveTab";

Some other small issue: when changing a profile, the e-mail seems to be mandatory ! Allthough the description text indicates that it's optional.


DF --

Thanks for this! I knew there was a little problem with the CSS or scriptlet code, but ran out of time to fully troubleshoot. As for your other comment, that's right-on. I'll fix both of these and will upload to CVS during my next commit.

--Andrew Jaquith, 30-Dec-2005


Ook? Fixed?

--- Yep. --Andrew

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