TitleNo screen refresh after uploading attachmen
Date16-Jun-2005 11:56:12 EEST
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After uploading an attachment the current wiki page does not show this uploaded attachment. You have to manually refresh (F5).

Yup. I think it needs some sort of Javascript trickery that's beyond my skills. Anyone?

-- JanneJalkanen

The behaviour of JSPWiki is perfectly normal, since attachments are uploaded in another window. As fas as I know, there is no decent way to go back to the original window and get it refreshed. (e.g. it could already be closed in the mean time, you may want to upload several attachments, etc.)

I always wondered whether JSPWiki has a special reason for opening another window in this case ? Why not consider a different approach, as for example implemented in BrushedTemplate : don't open a new window but replace the page-view by the upload-attachment-view. In this way, going back to the main page-view (after having uploaded all your attachments) always refreshes that page, and thus also shows the newly uploaded attachments. And you keep the number of open windows to a minimum.

-- DF

No, no particular reason (other than that a pop-up might be useful to have one if you're uploading a file while editing a page. So far this feature has not been enabled, though).

-- JanneJalkanen

Any update about this bugs or any way to circumvent the problem

--AnonymousCoward, 08-Sep-2006

It is fixed in 2.4, but we forgot to close it. Thanks for reminding us!

-- JanneJalkanen

I'm running 2.4.46 and it doesn't look like it is fixed. The lastest attachement showed on the Upload.jsp screen, however, when I go back to the previous page using the Browser's goback button and it doesn't show the latest attachment. I guess this quick fix is to have a goback button on the Upload.jsp page, the goback will have the URL of the previous page. That way, the latest attachement will show. I was able to creat the goback in JSPWiki Edit page, <a href="[{$baseurl}][{$pagename}]">Go Back</a> but I don't know how to add the similar code in the Upload.jsp page.

--RL, 09-Sep-2006

No, that is not a bug - it's a feature of how your browser works. It's called caching :-)

The "go back button" is actually already on UploadTemplate - just look towards the bottom where it says "If you are done uploading..."

-- JanneJalkanen

Thanks Janne, You're right, the "UploadTemplate" has the code, however, I was using the ButtonMenu2 template and it doesn't have the code. I just copy the one from "default" template and now it works. Once again thank you so much for your prompt response.

--RL, 09-Sep-2006

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