TitleNot setting attachment provider causes strange errors
Date19-Sep-2006 14:17:13 EEST
SubmitterJanne Jalkanen
Bug criticalityLightBug
Browser version
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider usedBasicAttachmentProvider
Servlet Container
Operating System
Java version
13:33 < mazer> i'm upgrading to the newest stable version and encountered a problem.
13:33 < mazer> INFO: JSPWiki: Unable to load and setup properties from
               jspwiki.properties. Failed to start managers: Attempt to provide a
               null filt
13:33 < mazer> er - this should never happen.  Please check your configuration (or if
               you're a developer, check your own code.)
14:05 < mazer> ok it works
14:05 < mazer> the problem was that i didn't set
14:06 < mazer> and if you set jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir but not the
               jspwiki.basicAttachmentProvider.storageDir you get the strange null
               pointer on the page filter
14:13 < Ecyrd> Good
14:13 < Ecyrd> Thanks heaps
14:14 < Ecyrd> I'll make a note of it and improve the error report in the next release
14:14 < Ecyrd> Good work :-)

Janne, has this been done, can we close this one ?

--HarryMetske, 21-Mar-2007

Nope. Completely forgot. Marked open.

-- JanneJalkanen

Fixed in 2.4.58 ?

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