|Title|Page Title Prefixing In Form Is Not Transparent To User
|Date|23-Aug-2005 12:50:20 EEST
|Version| this site
|[Bug criticality]|EnhancementRequest
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|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
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|Servlet Container|this site
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1. When using forms such as [SubmitNewIdea] is seems that the page title can be prefixed with a predefined string.

Thus when I created IdeaSingleVersionForSavesBySameUserWithinHour, it actually became IdeaIdeaSingleVersionForSavesBySameUserWithinHour.

The prefixing is ok and I endorse it, the bug is that the prefixing is not transparent to the user. Thus the solution would be to add the prefixing information to the form that is seen by the user when submitting information in a form.


2. Also not that the prefixing occurs in the actual page title, but not in the page title displayed in the table at the top of the page. As a result, the header table for both bug and idea submissions contains a link that when clicked creates a new page, this time without the "Idea" or "Bug" prefix. I think this is highly confusing and should be fixed as well.

-- Gregor Hagedorn


This isn't exactly a bug - the form has just it defined so that it forces every page to have the same prefix.  So it's by design.  If our pages were named all differently, we would have a problem.

Besides, you are not supposed to write in the name as a wiki page - it's the ''title'' of the bug, not a WikiWord.  In this case, the thing works nicely.

Perhaps a better explanation should suffice?

-- JanneJalkanen

For point 1 I know that this is the way it is designed, the bug is not the result, but that the result
is unexpected by the user. The solution I try to propose is to make the result transparent to the user,
e.g. by showing the prefix that is to be expected.

In regard to point 2, yes, a better explanation is necessary. The form currently explicitly says that "this becomes a WikiName". I would intuitively consider Wiki page "names" to be the "title" of a page, but that may be my error.

-- Gregor Hagedorn

I think the [Bug report page|SubmitBugReport] now states it sufficiently clear, so I think the bug can be closed, feel free to re-open if you disagree.