TitlePlease make paperclip pics configurable just like outlinks
Date10-Mar-2005 21:41:33 EET
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URLany url that uses on-page hyperlinks to attachments
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Many people want to use link to attachments in the left menu, but in our environment, the link appears on one row and the paperclip on another. I know there's a way to turn off outlinks (red arrows), I need a jspwiki.property to turn off clip pics too. Some people want to turn of the clips all together too.

I just found a workaround - use the full URL path to the attachment, when making the new hyperlink and that will eliminate the clip.... I wish it was easier than that though.

Thanks ...Don... drrota@us.ibm.com

OK. However, a quick runaround would be to simply replace the image with a transparent 1x1 PNG file. Or try putting the following in your CSS file:

.leftmenu a img { display:none; }

-- JanneJalkanen

As of 2.3.81, please use "jspwiki.translatorReader.useAttachmentImage = false" to turn this behaviour off.

-- JanneJalkanen

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