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TitlePreformatted text with html doesn't work if allowHTML = true
Date31-Jul-2006 10:21:26 EEST
Bug criticalityMediumBug
Browser versionfirefox
Bug statusOpenBug
PageProvider usedRCS
Servlet Containertomcat 4.1
Operating Systemsolaris
Java version1.5.0-07

In 2.2 it used to be possible to set allowHTML = true and still use

 } }}
etc. to get preformatted html to be shown.

In 2.4, once allowHTML = true, the < and > characters are no longer written as < and > within three braces, thus it is no longer possible to use verbatim html/xml.

As a workaround, you can use <pre>...</pre>

-- JanneJalkanen

As a workaround, the <pre> is no good because <h1>FOO</h1> is still interpreted. Use <xmp>...</xmp> instead.

This bug should a CriticalBug because existing wikis are broken and the documentation (jspwiki.props) is very clear on this :

Text between and -options is not affected by this setting, so it's always safe to quote HTML code with those.

-- RealGagnon

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