|Title| Problem with inserting commented out sections
|Date|17-Nov-2006 19:10:23 EET
|Version|JSPWiki v2.4.71
|Submitter|George Kendall
|[Bug criticality]|LightBug
|Browser version|Firefox 1.5
|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|
|Operating System|Linux 2.6.18
|Java version|

Have you thought about adding a different way to define sections to be inserted by the InsertPage feature?  Insert Page works great, but it forces you to leave horizontal rules in your low level pages, which may not fit with the look and feel you are after.

You can get rid of the section markers by adding the following css to your template jspwiki.css file:

hr { display:none; }

This disables all horizontal rules.  It's what I ended up doing, but it's not ideal, as it prevents the use of horizontal rules in all situations.


This is rather strange, indeed.

-- JanneJalkanen

 -- [JDuprez] the description was edited since the original logging of this bug (which had to do with unexpected side-effects of using the {{display:none}} trick), which by the way makes Janne's comment sound quite off-base... If this "bug report" now aims to find a way to better define sections and include them, let me link to a related proposal [Idea Named Sections]. As far as I'm concerned, I would close this bug report indeed, if it's actually not a bug.


Agree.  Closing this bug.

-- JanneJalkanen, 12-Jun-2007