|Title|RSS not generating correct links with ShortURLConstructor
|Date|27-Jul-2005 11:48:06 EEST
|[Bug criticality]|LightBug
|Browser version|Firefox 1.0.6
|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|VersioningFileProvider
|Servlet Container|Tomcat 4.1.8
|Operating System|Win2K
|Java version|1.4.1

RSS links do not seem to be generated correctly. I have my wiki installation in /wiki in the Tomcat webapps, and the wiki is located here:


I have a ShortURLConstructor set up so that pages are accessed like so:


To do this, I have the following properties set:

jspwiki.urlConstructor = ShortURLConstructor
jspwiki.shortURLConstructor.prefix = /wiki/page/


However, when opening the RSS feed, all the links to the pages are in the form:


instead of


If you need any more information, please let me know.


Yeah; this is dumb issue with the code...  This ''should'' be fixed in 2.2.29 (if you absolutely need it now, just check it out of [CVS|AnonymousCVSAccess] [[branch JSPWIKI_2_2_BRANCH].  It'll take a few days before I can make a proper release).

-- JanneJalkanen

That was quick! Thanks very much! (I'll wait for the proper release :)

-- KieronWilkinson

Actually, now that I'm going through these again... I think your prefix url should be "page/" instead of "/wiki/page/".

-- JanneJalkanen

I tried that with my current 2.2.28 installation, and after each link I click, it appends a "page/" to the URL. For example, after a few clicks I get URL's like: http://localhost:8080/wiki/page/page/page/page/page/Home. Do I need to try with the latest version? I have not been able to see what is in the RSS because it is not being generated. I'll try to investigate that...

-- KieronWilkinson

Here's my setup:


This is with 2.2.33.  Note that I am *not* setting the prefix at all.

-- JanneJalkanen

Okay, well I was going to do that if all else failed. However, I didn't really like the wiki/wiki/Index, etc in the URL which the default prefix gives. Anyway, I upgraded to 2.2.33, and used the following settings:

jspwiki.urlConstructor = ShortURLConstructor
jspwiki.shortURLConstructor.prefix = page/

Where I got similar behaviour to above (http://localhost:8080/wiki/page/page/page/page/page/Home), however I then changed the referenceStyle to "absolute" and it all started working! RSS feed as well as pages seem to now work perfectly.

Thanks very much for your help Janne!

I'm no longer sure if this constitutes a bug or not, especially as I did not try an absolute URL with 2.2.28, but I can do if you would like me to see if the behaviour changed...

-- KieronWilkinson

I actually did plenty of fixes in 2.3 around this subject.  The way that the short constructor worked was very unintuitive, so it was slightly changed.

-- JanneJalkanen