TitleReading of Variable not working for older versions
Date17-Jun-2005 09:42:22 EEST
Bug criticalityMediumBug
Browser versionIE
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider usedVersioningFileProvider
Servlet ContainerTomcat
Operating SystemWin2000
Java version

Retrieving a variable of an older version doesnt work anymore. This feature was still working in 2.1.103.

<wiki:HistoryIterator id="currentPage">

  <wiki:Variable var='versionLabel' default=" "/> 


See also VersionLabel --DF

Here's a workaround which seems to solve the problem. Apparently the wiki metadata of a page only gets initialised by a call to textToHTML. Obviously, this is not done as you iterate over different versions of a page. Below you find the additional java in the jsp which does the trick. -- DF

          <wiki:HistoryIterator id="currentPage">
                   //need to run textToHtml so that variables get initialised again !!
                   WikiContext cc = (WikiContext) c.clone();
                   String pagedata = cc.getEngine().getPureText( currentPage );
                   cc.getEngine().textToHTML( cc, pagedata );                   
                <wiki:Variable var='versionLabel' default=" "/> 

Okay, this is a really thorny problem. I've been trying to implement fixes for this, and the best I've so far come up with is a very complicated OutOfMemoryError. It stems from the fact that our metadata handling is done during page parsing, and we're actually relying of ReferenceManager side-effects to get the variables updated. This, of course, is utterly stupid.

I put in a workaround for 2.2.26, but it'll surely create more troubles than what it's worth.

I'll put this one on hold for a while and replace the entire metadata subsystem for the next major release. Foo.

-- JanneJalkanen

We now have a next major release, and I assume it is now solved, if that's not the case, please feel free to re-open it.


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