Date21-Aug-2006 19:34:27 EEST
SubmitterJohn Volkar
Bug criticalityBadBug
Browser version
Bug statusClosedBug
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Servlet Container
Operating System
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  1. Create a page named RenameBugTestPage; create a page named OldNameTestPage with content: Linked to RenameBugTestPage.
  2. View RenameBugTestPage page-info and see that OldNameTestPage is listed as an incoming link.
  3. Rename OldNameTestPage to NewNameTestPage
  4. View RenameBugTestPage page-info and see that OldNameTestPage is still_ listed as an incoming link (along with the NewNameTestPage).

Anyone ???

I raised the criticality of this one to BadBug, since in many circumstance it's not just annoying, it just creates unreliable information, especially if you use the ReferringPages Plugin, to see who links to you. For instance this bug tracking system on JSPWiki relies on that. The "workaround" is doing a cold start for the whole wiki, which will probably not be a usable workaround if you have a large wiki with many pages.

The problem also seems related to BugNPEDuringRename.

Could somebody fix this and deserve the credits forever ?


Fixed in 2.5.30.

-- JanneJalkanen

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