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Date30-Jun-2006 11:03:49 EEST
SubmitterFran├žois Burtin
Bug criticalityCosmeticBug
Browser versionFF
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider useddefault
Servlet ContainerTomcat5.5
Operating SystemXP
Java version1.5

In ReferringPagesPlugin, when there's no referrers, the plugin writes ...nobody
To work, this plugin :

  1. gets all referers (...refmgr.findReferrers...)
  2. then :
    1. filters them if there're any
    2. else print ...nobody

But if you have referrers before filtering but none after filtering, it will write...nothing. Is it really a bug?

To have ...nobody after filtering, instead of else (at line 90), I put if( links == null || links.size() == 0 )

Here's the code :

            Collection   links  = refmgr.findReferrers( page.getName() );

            if( links != null && links.size() > 0 )
                filtering and more
            else    <--------------------------Here            
                wikitext = "...nobody";

Fixed in 2.4.31

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