TitleRequest Rpc Handler Get Recent Changes To Take Null Date
Date15-Oct-2005 15:57:42 EEST
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I'm writing a Wiki synchroniser that uses the XML-RPC interface, and I need to get the metadata about all pages on each side to see which ones have changed.

Right now I need to first get a list of all page names, then enumerate over them requesting getPageInfo for each one. This is slow (takes about 3 minutes for a 1300-page wiki).

I noticed that getRecentChanges returns a Hashtable about each page, with almost all the info I need, but I can't pass a null Date to get a list of absolutely all pages.

I refactored the code a little to get this:

    public Vector getRecentChanges( Date since )
        Collection pages = m_engine.getRecentChanges();
        Vector result = new Vector();

        if (since != null)
            Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
            cal.setTime( since );
            //  Convert UTC to our time.
            cal.add( Calendar.MILLISECOND, cal.get( Calendar.ZONE_OFFSET ));
            if (cal.getTimeZone().inDaylightTime(since))
                cal.add( Calendar.MILLISECOND, cal.get( Calendar.DST_OFFSET ));
            since = cal.getTime();
        for( Iterator i = pages.iterator(); i.hasNext(); )
            WikiPage page = (WikiPage)i.next();

            if (page instanceof Attachment)
            if (since == null || page.getLastModified().after( since ))
                result.add( encodeWikiPage( page ) );

        return result;

which is also easier to read. Might I suggest supporting this in a future version?

Also, it would be really handy to have the page size in the Hashtable. Because I don't want to accidentally permanently delete a page from the wiki, I treat zero-size pages as deleted, and delete a page by removing all the contents (which at least is versioned). However, until JSPWiki's XML-RPC interface supports retrieving the page size separately, I will have to download each page to see if it's empty or not (and if you think 3 minutes is bad... :-)

I added this code to the RPCHandler:

        ht.put( "lastModified", cal.getTime() );
        ht.put( "version", new Integer(page.getVersion()) );
        ht.put( "size", new Long(page.getSize()) );

and I'm working on the equivalent code in Mahlen's client.

Cheers, Chris Wilson.

This one is 17 months old, is this still relevant ? What do we do with this ?

--HarryMetske, 21-Mar-2007

Let me think. I was going to make some tweaks to the XML-RPC code anyway.

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Mar-2007

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