|Title|Set alias forwarding must use exact case
|Date|19-Dec-2005 21:56:25 EET
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Somewhat annoying, difficult to catch bug: when using the implemented 
[Idea Redirect Without Java Script By Using Alias] to deal with non-s-plural forms of other forms of synonyms, the page reference must be given exactly. Unlike wiki links, capitalization is not standardized. While writing ~[main] here: [main] refers to [Main], a SET alias='main' refers to lower-case spelled page main. Some mechanism behind is still correcting this and forwards to Main, but the lowercase spelling is maintained, may be shown in the title (interestingly not in this template 2.3.57, but at least in 2.2.28), and may lead following code that relies on the page name being normalized to go astray. 

Example is shown in [IdeaRedirectWithoutJSAliasTest].

Solution: simply treat the alias as a Wiki link content to be normalized by all normal rules.

-- Gregor Hagedorn 2005-12-19



--adie, 11-Oct-2006