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So I've been happily using the ShortViewURLConstructor for most of my jspwiki installs. I just had need to put up an instance and make it available thru https...

Must to my surprise, the pages do not render properly when accessed via https!

See attached screenshot... (Main page accessed with --JohnV 11-Apr-2007

Does setting jspwiki.referenceStyle=absolute help? (Or, if you have referenceStyle=absolute already, can you switch it to relative and see what is going on?)

Did you also set your baseURL to start with https?

--JanneJalkanen, 11-Apr-2007

Above report extra information:
  1. Did NOT set baseURL to start with https
  2. Did NOT set referenceStyle, left it commented out, engine using its default

Just tried:

  1. Set baseURL to start with https (full url, trailing slash)
  2. Set
    1. jspwiki.urlConstructor = ShortViewURLConstructor
    2. jspwiki.shortURLConstructor.prefix = wiki/
      (NB the comment in the property file that this should be /wiki doesn't appear to be correct, every plain http wiki I've deployed with short view seems to want wiki/... ?)
    3. Did NOT set referenceStyle

This works!#

Now, does this mean the only access to the wiki can be via https?

-- JohnV

Well, kinda. There can only be one baseURL, and if you're using absolute referenceStyle, then yes. However, with a relative referenceStyle it should not matter, but it seems that something in the templates still uses an absolute URL to reference the content. And this is breaking things, unfortunately.

So the bug is sort of valid, but it's misnamed. The real bug is "default template forces absolute urls in certain places"...

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Apr-2007

Sorry but this solution do not work properly. The acces on the loggin page is ok , but when you click on login the browser whan to go back on 8080 port number ...

Fabrice, 11-May-2007

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