|Title|slash in wiki link makes jspwiki think it is an attachment
|Date|19-Jan-2006 01:43:17 EET
|[Bug criticality]|MediumBug
|Browser version|
|[Bug status]|NotABug
|[PageProvider] used|
|Servlet Container|
|Operating System|
|Java version|

I wanted to test if jspwiki supports hierarchical files and entered a slash in the new page name. This makes jspwiki think it is an attachment. If you click on the created link, there is an attachment not found error.

Like here [folder/page]


JSPWiki does not support hierarchical files.


Click on the folder/page link.

Do you get an exception? Yes. So it is a bug.

--J├╝rgen, 02-Feb-2006


Seems to work for me...  404 is what it should return.