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I think we need a better bug tracking system than what Wiki can handle right now (see the length of BugReports)... The question is which one is a good one (I don't like BugZilla, for example), or should be build one of our own for bug tracking purposes. We could potentially use the WikiForms, for example, to build rather easily a system which would assign each bug its own WikiPage.

-- JanneJalkanen, 21-Jan-2004

I like Debian Bug Tracking System (package debbugs).

-- Killer, 21-Jan-2004

I think that a wiki as bug tracker is perfectly doable, and would show a nice structured use of a wiki. There is one required piece missing: a flexible means to query the wiki's structure.

Envision the following pages:

Envision a page: JSPWikiBugReporting that says:

!!The last reported bug is __{{  BugReport716 }}__
To report a bug: Edit this page, increment the number above and save this page.  Click on the resulting link above and make your report there.  Use the text on the BugReportTemplate as a guideline for creating the report.

If something like the QueryPlugin was completed and functional, you could (from any page you wanted) ask the wiki to:

  • List all high priority bug, open bugs with a pending fix in version 2.2.
  • List all erronious bug reports (NotABug) ever submitted.
  • List all low priority open bugs reported in versions 2.0.x owned by Janne.
  • etc...

Wouldn't this be a functional means of using a WikiAsBugTracker?

--JohnVolkar, 21-Jan-2004

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