|Title|Unable to attach file to page with UTF-8  characters in name
|Date|13-Dec-2004 20:40:55 EET
|Browser version|IE6.0
|[PageProvider] used|FileSystemProvider
|Servlet Container|Tomcat  4.1.31
|Operating System|Windows NT 4.0
|Java version|Sun Java SDK 1.4.1

1. Unable to attach file to page which name contains international ("non-english") UTF-8 characters - receive error message that page is undefined. 
2. Checked with IE5.5 and IE 6.0 and yes - it doesn't work.
3. Functionality is OK when I am using Mozilla Firefox 1.0.

Duplicate of or related to [BugThrowsAnExceptionWhenTryingToAttachAFileToAPageWithAFancyNameUTF8]?\\--[MinusDee]

And to [BugReports] under __Bad links when user name contains swedish characters__ see also
[Übermäßig], the same effect. \\--WojtekIwanow


Fixed in 2.2.17.